Initiation Kitesurfing

Our Kitesurfing lessons take place in shallow water in our privatized spot.

We propose a formule of 3 lessons to discovers kitesurfing, each lesson last between 2 to 3 hours with maximum 3 persons per lessons (except on demand).

We furnish all the necessary equipment to learn kitesurfing in a safe environment.

From the first lesson, we are in the water and you will feel the power of the kite !

In the first lesson, we learn to :

  • Piloting the kite

  • Discover and understand the flight window

  • Relaunching the kite

  • Moving with the kite

  • The security

  • Generating power with the kite

Cours de Kite surf Martinique

In the second lesson, we keep piloting the kite to be able to progress with the board.

Kite instructor adapt lessons to the level of each person and propose different objectifs for the progression.

We learn to :

  • Stabilizing the kite with one hand

  • Controlling the kite with the board

  • learning to put the board on the feet

  • Stabilizing the kite up in the air with board on feet

  • First waterstart

kite surf Martinique

In the third lesson, we optimize the lesson to the waterstart and ride

We learn to :

  • Controlling the kite while shoeing the board in autonomy

  • Understand the different step of the waterstart

  • First Ride

  • Optimizing your ride

  • Learning how to body drag to retrieve your board

Each person learn at its own step, kite instructor take time to each person to validate step by step your progression.

Formule of 3 lessons start at 360€ per person.